Jukes 1 & Fever Tree Cocktail Kit

Get a FREE box of Fever-Tree tonic water Get a FREE box of Fever-Tree tonic water
$55 $62

Jukes 1 & Fever Tree Cocktail Kit

Get a FREE box of Fever-Tree tonic water
$55 $62

Buy a box of Jukes 1 and get a FREE box of Fever-Tree tonic water.

  • 9 x 1 fl oz bottles of Jukes 1 in a box

  • 8 x 5 fl oz cans of Fever-Tree

  • Based on apple cider vinegar, Jukes 1 is centred around a citrus and herb theme. 

  • Perfect for cocktails: Pour 1 can of tonic water over ice, then pour half a bottle of Jukes 1, top with a slice of lemon!

Jukes 1 & Fever Tree Cocktail Kit flavour profile

Fresh & Bright


Customer Reviews

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Margaret Gonzales

I like to have a Jukes with my dinner almost every night. I can also easily take along a bottle in my purse if going to a friend's house. I like to add 3x as much seltzer as Jukes.

Elizabeth Jacobson
Refreshing way to Mocktail!

I'm so happy to have an alternative for my love of wine that is healthier and better for me. Since I was diagnosed with a medical issue that doesn't allow for my evening glass of wine every night anymore, I'm very happy to have the availability of Jukes. It's refreshing and delicious. I like being able to have something pretty in my glass when I'm entertaining too and everyone else is having their cocktails, I just open my Jukes and I know I'll feel better in the morning not having overindulged. I really like my Jukes.

Chris S.
Great alternative to the evening cocktail or wine.

I really enjoy all three flavors but love Jukes 1 (white) the best. For me it has perfectly balanced acidity, sweetness, light fruitiness and is so refreshing with sparkling water. It pairs well with lighter fare and with snacks like nuts, cheese, crackers, etc. Serve with an orange slice and a sprig of mint (or lemonbalm)...yum!

Amy Prevatt
Best NA wine I have found !

I've tried every NA form of wine. Jukes is the best. I only tried the 6 at first to get a great red, then got 1 and was amazed at how good it is !! My #1 NA go to for the weekends !

Linda Cooper

I enjoy the slight cider taste and love it as a wine alternative.


Simply mix half a bottle of Jukes with water of your choice (still, sparkling, tonic).

Once you have placed your order, we will start preparing this for delivery. Your box should be with you in 2-3 working days.

Please reach out to our customer service at info@jukescordialities.com and we will be happy to help!

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