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Sparkling Jukes

Ready to Drink

Simplify your life with pre-mixed Sparkling Jukes - classic white, rosé and red Jukes now pre-mixed by popular request! Just chill in the fridge, open and pour straight into the glass.

Mixed case of a dozen 375ml (half) bottles so you and your friends can enjoy the full collection. Wonderful for outdoor meals and garden parties, but don't forget to hold some back for yourself! 

Jukes 1 'The White': Centered around a citrus and herb theme, uplifting, clean, bright and dry. 

Jukes 6 'The Red': Fruity, deep and spicy in style with a mellow, long, savory flavor. 

Jukes 8 'The Rosé': Perfumed and refreshing, with a dry finish, reminiscent of a Provençal flavor.

Simply put a few bottles in the fridge. Once chilled, open and pour straight into the glass.

Jukes 1: Carbonated water, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, peach, cucumber, plum, apple, pineapple. 

Jukes 6: Carbonated water, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, blackberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, plum.

Jukes 8: Carbonated water, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, cucumber, watermelon, pear, melon, raspberry, apple, rhubarb.

Sparkling Jukes flavour profile

Jukes 1: Citrus and Herbal
Jukes 6: Fruity & Deep
Jukes 8: Perfumed & Refreshing


Customer Reviews

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Mark S
Great alternative for traditional cocktails

My wife and I decided to do a “Dry January” to make up for some holiday indulgences. These Jukes drinks are awesome! We usually mix with tonic and some NA bitter “liqueurs” and enjoy the taste, the feel, and the overall experience. Way better than simple NA alternatives.

Tiffany Welch

I was looking for a wine alternative that wasn't so sugary and I have found it! I love the little bite the apple cider vinegar gives to the mix. This is my new go-to beverage whether at home or on the go. You won't be disappointed!

Karen J Attardo

I wasn't sure what to expect, and it took me a few tries to get the right mix, but I really enjoy the Jukes 6 as a mocktail. My favorite mix is with tangerine flavored sparkling water - almost tastes like Lambrusco!

Briana Sitler
Great taste

Love jukes. Great with sparkling water. Enjoying them very much.


The Jukes 6 is delicious! Great alternative when you do not want to have any alcohol!

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As a fitness professional, I value the natural, high-quality ingredients of Jukes, with no refined sugar content, vibrant flavour combinations and great taste.


I love the 6! So nice to have something I can sip while others are drinking wine! Now I can enjoy parties again!


The wonderful thing about these bottles of love is that they're super adaptable. So have a play around with them, there's no wrong way of serving them.

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