This dish, which is light and perfect for a Saturday spring lunch, is an easy, seasonal recipe.  It’s a delightful combination of asparagus, eggs, and seasonings, and it pairs beautifully with Jukes 1 and chilled still water.

Ingredients (serves 4)

1 Bunch of Asparagus (thinner spears work best) – chop off the woody ends and rinse thoroughly

4 large eggs, lightly beaten.

2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea salt and cracked black pepper

50g Grated Parmesan

1 tbsp of freshly chopped Parsley

30g Butter


Start by cutting the heads off the asparagus and setting aside, then julienne the stalks into ribbon-like strips.  Pour the extra virgin olive oil into a frying pan and gently cook the asparagus tips and strips over medium heat with sea salt and cracked black pepper until tender.  Remove the asparagus from the pan and pour away the oil.  Place the butter in the pan and let it sizzle.  Then carefully stir in the beaten egg, Parmesan and parsley and start to cook as if preparing scrambled egg.  Tilt the pan and lift the edges of the frittata, encouraging the runny egg to slide around and under the cooked parts.  This will allow the egg to cook through without becoming burnt.  Reintroduce the asparagus while the egg is cooking.  When the egg appears nearly set, remove the pan from the heat and allow it to cool a little before sliding the frittata onto a warm plate. Serve with a dressed crisp leaf salad.