Jukes 8 - The Rosé

Rosé: Aromatic & refreshing Aromatic & refreshing flavor

Jukes 8 - The Rosé

Aromatic & refreshing flavor

Organic apple cider vinegar-based, perfumed and refreshing with a dry finish. Jukes 8 will bring a little slice of Provence into your lives and lift your mood with its scintillating flavours.  

  • 9 x 1 fl oz bottles in a box

  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, the daily recommended dose

  • Mix with water to enjoy, 1 bottle makes approximately two glasses


The main flavour thrust is based on melon, pear, rhubarb and apple, with the careful addition of vegetables and other herbs and spices that contribute to impact and detail. There is a faint ozone tang which hints at a shoreline vibe while ensuring that the palate is super-sleek, firmly dry and very long.

Jukes 8 is Matthew Jukes’ take on a modern rosé, with a nod to the hallmarks and historical triggers of some of his favourite Provençal wines. This rosé wine alternative evokes the flavours of the wild Provençal countryside and the Mediterranean coastline through a delicate layering of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.

1 bottle of Jukes 8 makes two glasses. Take a wine glass, fill it with 3.5 oz chilled still, sparkling or, even, tonic water. Pour in half a bottle of Jukes and swirl. Adjust by adding more Jukes or water to suit your palate. We love it especially with still water.

Refrigerate the bottle once opened.

Organic apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, watermelon, cucumber, pear, melon, raspberries, apple, rhubarb, natural flavourings.

Jukes 8 flavour profile


Jukes 8 perfect serve

Take a wine glass and fill it halfway with chilled still, sparkling or, even, tonic water.

Pour in half a bottle of Jukes 8 and swirl.

Adjust by adding more Jukes or water to suit your palate!


Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth M.
Love Jukes!

I first tried the classic white and have since tried the rose and the dark red. Both are exceptional - whether with water or sparkling water. Such a nice treat to have and a great and satisfying alternative to wine/prosecco.

Thank you for creating these great drinks!

mary Cox
NO 6

This is my second order of No 6 and although it does not quite taste like wine, it is tasty. Mixing it with club soda produces a better NA red wine taste than any of the other brands I've tried (I've tried as many as I can find in my area).
My last order was delayed in customs. Jukes did advise me of the delay however it was a very long wait between payment and receiving the actual product.

How to make the Rose better??

I got the red and the rose. The red is good! Highly recommend. But the Rose?? NAH! It takes like diluted apple cider vinegar. I want to love it, but I just don't. It's pretty. It's bubbly. But it just doesn't taste good. So disappointed. Anyone with ideas on how to make it better? Something to add to it?

Elizabeth M.
Great find!

I first discovered the white Jukes at Canyon Ranch and loved the refreshing satisfying taste - and took some home. It’s my go to alternative to Prosecco or wine. Then when I looked to order more online I discovered the sparkling rose cans. A great treat and best nonalcoholic option I have found. Thank you!

Pat Arnold
Jukes 1,6 and 8 are all great

I really enjoy all of them mixed with a little seltzer. I look forward to Jukes at the end of a busy day.


Simply mix half a bottle of Jukes with water of your choice (still, sparkling, tonic).

Once you have placed your order, we will start preparing this for delivery. Your box should be with you in 2-3 working days.

Please reach out to our customer service at info@jukescordialities.com and we will be happy to help!

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