Is Jukes safe for pregnancy? Yes, Jukes is pasteurized and 0.0% alcohol.

When can I expect to receive my order? Once you have placed your order, please allow 3 to 5 working days.

Who do I contact for more help? Please get in touch at We will try and get back to you within 3 working days.

How unique is Jukes? There’s nothing like it; it’s in a new beverage category, all of its own. And purposefully so.

Why the name Jukes? Jukes’ creator is Matthew Jukes, the noted wine expert. He’s putting his name and reputation on his very best; Jukes is a personal offering from him, to you.

The various Jukes numbers?   Matthew’s personal numerology; we all wonder ourselves. But he won’t tell.

Why not just one type of Jukes? Our taste vocabulary comes from the world of great wine, a most pleasurable alternative form of adult beverage. So, in constructing the best adult drink one could imagine, we decided to create a series, not just one type of Jukes, where each individually channels the various flavour notes in their related form of fine wine. Through that we felt we could best satisfy the individual preferences of each Jukes drinker.

As a result, we now make a “white” (Jukes 1), a “bright red” (Jukes 2), a rosé (Jukes 8), and a “deep red” (Jukes 6). And more will be coming, as and when we decide they are as fine as the others….

Why the little bottles and mixing process? Jukes is about you and making you most happy, above all. So the little bottle creates a sharing ceremony of joy in your life from gracefully pouring Jukes in your glass, and, as importantly, to enable you to personally calibrate the ratio of Jukes to sparkling or still water to your precise taste. You’re an adult; it should be your choice.

Why organic apple cider vinegar? To deliver the best all-natural lift of the various flavours up and across your palate for as long a finish as a fine wine. By luck, it turns out that each bottle happens to provide the recommended daily amount of organic apple cider vinegar that many take for health reasons.

How should I drink Jukes? Any way you would like! With chilled sparkling, still or tonic water, with vodka if you’d like, with red wine like a sangria, with sparkling wine for a spectacular spritz, or over ice cream as a “sfumato” are some of the choices we’ve seen so far.

Is Jukes pasteurized? Yes it is pasteurized. 

Does Jukes contain natural sweeteners? Jukes uses organic, unbleached brown sugar only.

Is Jukes sustainable? We view sustainability as vitally important, using limited planetary resources as carefully and thoughtfully as possible.  We produce our drinks solely from all-natural, self-reproducing vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices and flowers.  Nothing is wasted; all of our by-products are edible consumables (husks, fibres, pith, skins and the like) that we recycle.

Is Jukes naturally produced? Yes: we do not filter, fine or use any manipulative techniques nor do we use colour-retention agents in our production and so our drinks ‘throw’ a very fine, natural sediment and the lighter-hued in the series, like fine wine, sometimes change tone over time as they settle.