Tasting Box

All the Jukes flavors in one box! All the Jukes flavors in one box!

Tasting Box

All the Jukes flavors in one box!

All the Jukes flavors in a box for a limited time. The box contains 9 x 1fl oz bottles - a mix of Jukes 1, Jukes 6 and Jukes 8.

  • Jukes 1 'The Classic White': Citrus & herbal.
  • Jukes 6 'The Dark Red': Fruity, deep & spicy.
  • Jukes 8 'The Rosé ': Aromatic & refreshing.

Tasting Box flavour profile

Jukes 1: Citrus & Herbal
Jukes 6: Fruity & deep
Jukes 8: Aromatic & refreshing


Customer Reviews

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Kevin Machnik
These are great!

We really enjoyed our sampler box! My wife and I enjoy alcoholic drinks, but we often dabble in NA drinks as well and are currently taking a bit of time off from drinking. Most NA drinks at the store are too sweet, too watery or just kind of “ick” (ie most dealcoholized wine). However, the ACV in the Jukes gives it a nice complex flavor similar to a wine or a liquor but with no side effects - wonderful! Will be buying more for sure.


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Please get in touch at info@jukescordialities.com. We will try and get back to you within 3 working days.

We recommend the best way to enjoy this collection is chilled - so either pour over ice, or chill in the fridge!

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As a fitness professional, I value the natural, high-quality ingredients of Jukes, with no refined sugar content, vibrant flavour combinations and great taste.


I love the 6! So nice to have something I can sip while others are drinking wine! Now I can enjoy parties again!


The wonderful thing about these bottles of love is that they're super adaptable. So have a play around with them, there's no wrong way of serving them.

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