Prawn Curry with Jukes 8

Jukes 8 is a stunning accompaniment to all manner of spicy dishes and this fresh, bright, super-tasty prawn curry is a classic example of a simple dish that packs a huge punch.  Easy to make and involving only one pan, it is a dish you can rustle up after a hectic day with no stress at all!

Ingredients (serves four)

4 tablespoons of Vegetable oil

1 teaspoon Mustard seeds

Half teaspoon fenugreek seeds

Half teaspoon fennel seeds

Half teaspoon black peppercorns, cracked in a blender and sieved to remove any dust

6 Curry leaves

2 small Red onions chopped

Half teaspoon Turmeric

2 Red chillies, deseeded and finely chopped

3 Tomatoes, roughly chopped

1 Tablespoon Tamarind paste

300g Raw king prawns

250ml Coconut milk

Sea Salt

Fresh coriander leaves (optional)



Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan, add the mustard, fennel, fenugreek seeds, and cracked peppercorns, and gently let them crackle and sauté.  Add the curry leaves and chopped red onions and sweat them down, allowing the onions to pick up some colour. Then add the turmeric, chillies and tomatoes and cook until you have a smooth sauce.

Stir in the tamarind paste and add a cup of water and the coconut milk.  Simmer for 5 minutes and add sea salt to taste. Now add the prawns and monitor the pan to avoid overcooking them.

Scatter the prawn curry with chopped fresh coriander leaves and serve with freshly boiled basmati rice and a steamed vegetable of your choice.