Tuna or Salmon Poke Bowl with - Jukes 8

(for 4 people) 

This simple recipe only takes minimal preparation and then you can either throw it together speedily or take some time to beautify your presentation by preparing the vegetables carefully.  Either way, it tastes amazing and has the added benefit of working beautifully with our Jukes drinks.


1 lb Sushi-grade salmon/tuna (the finest quality you can find) sliced into half-inch square chunks

1 lb Sushi rice, but short-grain white, brown rice or even black rice all work well

Garnish ingredients

Half a cucumber – half peeled in strips then finely sliced on the diagonal

12 radishes, finely sliced into discs

A pint box of edamame beans

Two carrots, shredded into fine matchsticks

2 avocados, sliced into small cubes

Pickled ginger (optional)

A handful of finely sliced red cabbage

12 cherry tomatoes, quartered

Sauce ingredients

2 and half tablespoons of soy sauce

Half a lemon (juice)

1 tablespoon of sesame oil

A dash of mirin (to taste)

2 spring onions, finely slice the white section after removing the roots and the dark green parts

A couple of dashes of rice wine vinegar (to taste)

Half an inch of squared block of fresh ginger, grated

Sesame seeds (black ones if you can find them for extra drama)


First, make the sauce with all of the ingredients listed above.  Play around with the flavor, if necessary, so it suits your palate precisely.  Use one-third of it to marinate the cubed fish (for approximately half an hour), one-third to marinate the avocado (for five minutes) and retain the final third for dressing the bowls.  While the fish and avocado are marinating, cook the rice and allow it to cool (it can be warm, but not hot, if you wish).

Now you can build the bowls.  Divide the rice between four bowls and pile a quarter of the salmon (or tuna) in one corner and a quarter of the avocado in another corner.  Discard the two marinating sauces as you have some extra to dress the bowls at the end.  Then arrange the various vegetables artfully (or not) around the bowls and finally sprinkle some of the dressing over your creation while retaining some for your guests if they like a more potent flavor.