Trendhunter: Jukes Cordialities are Made to Mix with Water to Enhance Food

“Jukes Cordialities is a new creation from UK wine critic and author Matthew Jukes that introduces premium adult cordials that are non-alcoholic, low in calories and perfect for pairing with food. The alcohol-free Jukes Cordialities can be added to water to add interest and complexity—Jukes 1, for example, boasts a citrus and herb theme that mimics the color of white wine. Jukes 6 sets itself apart with a flavor that's described as mellow and earthy, as well as a fruitier and deeper color.

As well as being able to add these non-alcoholic cordials to something as simple as still water, consumers may also choose to mix the products in with sparkling or tonic water for an even more elevated experience that's rich with flavor and texture.”

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