The Washington Post: Zero-proof wines are finally getting good

British wine writer Matthew Jukes chafed at the lack of wine alternatives on occasions when he just didn’t want to drink alcohol, so he developed his own alternative. He describes Jukes Cordialities as a “hybrid of a shrub and a switchel.” Jukes used organic apple cider vinegar to macerate fruits and other flavors he routinely identifies in wines. They come in 1-ounce bottles; you mix half with a glass of still, sparkling or tonic water, swirl and voila! You have a wine alternative. Because there are no grapes or fermentation involved, there’s absolutely no alcohol and few calories — only about 16 per 100 milliliters when mixed. Three are available in the United States, a white, red and rosé. Sales are mostly online now, as distribution to restaurants and retail outlets has been hampered by the pandemic. 

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