Hake with Sage & Capers with Jukes 1

Each month, Matthew Jukes gives you a simple but stunning starter or main course recipe to serve with either Jukes 1 or 6.

This month is Jukes 1 paired with Hake with Sage & Capers (approx for two)

Ingredients – Hake with Sage & Capers

2 Hake Fillets (cod, halibut or pollock fillets are good substitutes)

Plain Flour

A handful of fresh sage leaves

1-2 tablespoons of capers (rinsed)

1 Lemon

Olive oil

Salt and Cracked black pepper

    Method - 

    Rinse the fillets and then dab them dry with kitchen roll.  Dust the hake fillets with flour seasoned with salt and pepper.

    Then fry the fillets gently on both sides in olive oil or butter until golden brown (roughly two minutes depending on thickness of fillets).  Remove the fillets from the pan and keep them warm.

    Pour a healthy glug of olive oil into the pan and turn up the heat.  Throw in the sage leaves and they will crisp up, then put the capers in the pan, too.

    Plate up the Hake fillets and dress them with the olive oil, crispy sage and caper sauce. 

    Squeeze some fresh lemon over the fillets and serve with a wedge of fresh lemon.

    This dish is delicious with steamed runner beans or spinach and boiled Pink Fir Apple potatoes.