'Alcohol has always been one of Britons’ favourite ways to unwind, relax and share with friends after a long day of work or over the weekend to celebrate football team wins, drown sorrows and so much more.  Alcohol consumption is embedded in our culture as much as tea is.

I was about to give up when a friend told me about a new brand, Jukes Cordialities...

Unlike any of the other non-alcoholic drinks I’ve ever tried, Jukes truly pair well with food, each of them in a very different way, pushing their personality through and bringing out the best in the dishes they accompany.

What I like about this variety is how it changes in flavour depending on what you mix it with. With sparkling water, it kind of goes a bit “loco” and becomes ideal for super spicy dishes and street food as it cuts through sauces, mayonnaise… almost anything.

I’d recommend you start with a tasting box (£38), experiment at will and discover how best you like them. If nothing else, you’ll have fun trying something new that doesn’t have a guilt chip attached to it.'

Julia Pasarón, the I-M Magazine

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